John A. Putman



B.A. in Mathematics, California State University -Northridge (CSUN), California, 1980.


M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University -Los Angeles, California, 1982.


M.S. in Electromedical Science, (multi-disciplinary program combining electrical engineering and computer science with additional courses in human physiology). All coursework completed at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and CSUN. Through Nova College -EU, 1998

Comprehensive Biofeedback course, Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles, 1990.




Private practice, Los Angeles, California 1994- present
EEG Institute, Woodland Hills, California 2000- present

  • Treatment of Sleep disturbances, Attention Deficit Disorders & affective disorders in addition to peak performance training using EEG biofeedback.
  • Conduct original research involving applied psycho-physiological techniques
    and biofeedback through The EEG Institute, Woodland Hills CA.
  • Technical consultation to professionals on computerized biofeedback systems.
  • Provide education and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and groups concerning a variety of problems using psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral methods.
  • Psycho-diagnostic assessment for adults and children. Evaluation of
    psycho-physiological functioning using computerized continuous performance tests.
  • Neuro-motor timing assessment and training (Interactive Metronome) certified.
  • Quantitative EEG technician.
  • Independent contractor to outpatient and inpatient programs.

Program Manager  2007- present

San Fernando East Valley Mental Health Center, North Hollywood, California

Supervision of clinical staff
Conduct team meetings.

LPS designate (for 5150 hospitalizations) and crisis intervention.
Supervise the daily operations of outpatient psych facility (CMI population 500+).

Biofeedback Coordinator 2006- 2012, 2014-present 
Reiss- Davis Child Study Center, Los Angeles, California
Assessment and treatment of children with attention deficit disorders
and behavioral problems. Supervise interns.


Psychotherapist (MFT)/ Supervisor 1997- 00
Psychiatric Management Resources (Partial Hospitalization Program) Los Angeles, California
Supervisor of weekend treatment program.
Treatment and assessment of severely mentally ill.


Biofeedback Clinician 1991-95
Bellwood Health Center of Los Angeles, California
Provide psycho-physiological evaluation and multiple modality biofeedback to
children and adults for treatment of depression and anxiety related disorders.
Conduct lectures on substance abuse and stress management for adult patients.


EEG Biofeedback Specialist 1992-93
EEG Spectrum, Los Angeles, California
Treatment and diagnosis of children with attention deficit disorders and adults
suffering from depression and other affective disorders using EEG biofeedback
Technical consultation to other professionals on computerized biofeedback


Psychology Intern /MFCC Intern, 1982-93
Center for Human Problems, Tarzana, California.
Conduct psychological testing, case assessment and treatment planning.
Counseled individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues ranging from
family conflicts to affective disorders.
Conduct workshops on stress and wellness.


Biofeedback Clinical Intern 1990-91
Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles, California
Provide biofeedback for patients diagnosed with anxiety and stress related disorders
using multiple modalities including: EEG, EMG, GSR and thermal reactivity.
Technical consultant to outside agencies.


Psychotherapist / Intake Coordinater 1985-89
Aviva Center Home for Girls, Los Angeles, California
As clinical intake coordinator, conducted intake screenings and provided appropriate
services and referrals.
Individual case assessment, treatment planning, psycho-diagnostic assessment
and therapy for adolescent girls in residential treatment.


Additional Experience and Background:

  • Crisis counselor (Open Quest Institute hotline, L.A., Cal.)
  • Counselor to emotionally troubled adolescents (Pacific Lodge Boys Home, L.A., Cal.)
  • Tutor / houseparent to adolescent males in residential treatment (Penny Lane, L.A., Cal.)
  • Aerospace technician -(The Marquardt Company, L.A., Cal)
  • Gymnastics instructor to adolescents -(CSUN Gymnastics Inst. L.A., Cal.)



Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, License  # MFC30932
Biofeedback Certification,   BCIA # 3812 (Fellow)
Registered Evoked Potential Technologist, ABRET cert.# 9834296


California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), Clinical Member
International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR), Clinical Member. (Fellow)
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Clinical Member 

Human Performance in Extreme Environments Society, Member
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS)
Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)



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Online Papers


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Book Chapters


Putman, J. A., (2002) EEG Biofeedback and Its Impact on Long Duration Space Missions. In On to Mars, editors R. Zubrin and F. Crossman, Apogee Books, Collector’s Guide Publishing, Ontario, Canada pp 86-89.


Selected Presentations

Alterations in the Event Related Potential in Microgravity: Implications for Human Countermeasure Approaches Utilizing Neurofeedback. National Suborbital Researchers Conference, Denver, CO. June, 2013.

Neurofeedback for Attention Deficits: Implications for Aerospace Medicine, Human Factors in Extreme Environments conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 2011. 

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“Tim and Daphney Reid Show”-demonstration of biofeedback and stress management equipment and techniques 1990.


Guest lecturer on biofeedback and psychophysiology at local colleges and graduate
schools, local corporations, mental health treatment facilities and consultant to the U.S. military.



  • Participated in study involving brainwave training on poly-substance abusing adolescents. Used alpha-theta enhancement while examining correlates in the EEG phase, power and coherence. Conducted with E. Reed PhD, M. Currieri, PhD, J. Smith PhD and Z. Parseegian, MSEE. Los Angeles, CA (FEMA research grant –1994).
  • Conducted and co-presented seminars on subjects including: Quantum theory, Consciousness & Holographic models of the Mind; The Physiology of Stress; Auto-genic Training and Guided Imagery at The Center for Human Problems, Tarzana, CA, 1985-93.
  • Technical consultant on the Bio-Integrator, Cap-Scan, Bio-Comp, Biograph and Neurocybernetic computerized biofeedback and neurofeedback systems through EEG Spectrum Inc. (1994-2001) and the Bio-Comp Research Institute, (1991).
  • Designed computer software (database management programs using dBase programming languages) and computer network analysis.
  • NASA applicant qualified for on-file status (astronaut candidate selection pool: 1994-2004).
  • Crewmember on MDRS (Mars Analog Desert Research Station), 3/ 2002 . Stationed aboard habitat in Utah desert performing human factors research and partial simulations examining the feasibility of a manned presence on Mars -through The Mars Society with support from NASA.
  • Collaborated with LTC Fred Detwiler MD, USAR, on the deployment of mobile anti-stress units utilizing EEG biofeedback and other countermeasures on U.S. military test subjects. Coordinator of EEG biofeedback mobile lab on anti-stress team operating in mock battlefield conditions testing the effects of EEG training and relaxation induction on subjects suffering from combat stress and trauma. Sponsored by the 2nd Medical Brigade and the 176th Medical Group, USAR under the command of Brig. Gen. Richard Lynch at Camp Pendleton, California, 1996-98.
  • Conducted demonstrations of the “Alpha Immersion” chamber -U.S. Army Reserve, San Francisco, CA (1996); AMSUS conference San Antonio, TX (1996) and Nashville, TN (1997).
  • Licensed Private Pilot, FAA certificate -single engine land aircraft
  • College Gymnastics: 3 varsity letters and member of 3rd place NCAA -National College Division Gymnastics Team (CSUN).
  • Musician/ composer of original material and member of “NOS” and “Friday Jones” fusion rock music groups.
  • Listed in Marquis’ “Who’s Who in America”, 2007 ed.